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"Tough love - deeply knowledgeable, provocative, supportive and "all in" alongside us - that is what Lacerta brings"

Enabling organisations to flourish by creatively addressing 21st Century challenges and opportunities

We help you develop and support internal social movements and viral change processes, that are disruptive, creative and courageous – releasing energy and innovation with speed and discipline.

News Article
30 Apr 2018

"How can we grow empowered leaders?"

News Article
06 Apr 2018

"Improving customer relationships by improving employee relationships"

News Article
27 Feb 2018

"Improving physical on-site safety by creating psychological safety"

19 Jan 2018

"GDPR, big data security and culture - are you ready?"

The Lacerta Team


Caryn Vanstone

"The 'agile' world operates more like jazz or other forms of performance improvisation"


Steve Holliday

"Relationships are everything"


Bruno Dalbiez

“You want to really help someone? Help them find their own greatness!”